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Icecast Hosting

    Hosting price starting at $40.95/mo only
    80 GB Disk space
    3 GB of DDR3 Ram (Upgradeable)
    Unmetered Bandwidth with 100MB Port
    Free Icecast Install or Website Transfer
    With 24x7 expert panel of Support

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Quality cPanel Hosting

We've been working hard for years to provide the best hosting service possible. Through years of experience (and a bit of trial and error) we have perfected the hosting experience. We understand the dynamics of running a stable website, and what it takes to provide amazing customer support.

We're committed to providing the best service, with an incredible network, on rock solid hardware. We hire only the most qualified technicians, who have a passion for web hosting, and a devotion for providing excellent customer service.

Our goal is, and has always been to provide the best hosting, at the most cost effective price. Our service caters to individual creating their first website, to the advanced developer. We surpass the industry standard for hardware, network, and support - to help bring you the most cost effective, and reliable hosting service today.

    We give you fantastic support, 24x7x365

Quality cPanel Hosting
Don't have support when you need it? We provide support to customers around the world, around the clock. We understand that great support is the backbone to your business. We offer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year(Yes even on the holidays!). We run mission critical websites, that not only rely on our ability to maintain our hardware, but our ability to provide around-the-clock support for it as well.

With every plan, our service includes access to our entire support team, through live chat, email, and phone. Call us at 3am in the morning, or 3pm in the afternoon, and we'll answer. No matter what time zone you're in, we will provide you with consistent support to ensure your website stays online, and you're software stays secure.

    Leave the hassle of moving to us

Quality cPanel Hosting

We understand moving can be complicated, frustrating, and a bit of a hassle. At ExpertzHosting, we want to make sure your happy, and that starts with moving your website over.

If you're on a host currently using the cPanel control panel, we can transfer your website over for free*! Even if you're not, we can help assist in moving your website over for a small fee.

Either way, we have transferred thousands of customers to ExpertzHosting, from hosts all around the world. Our competent team of engineers will handle your transfer with little or no downtime. We'll be in communication with you to let you know once we start, and complete the transfer. If you register or transfer your domain to us, we'll even update your nameservers for no additional charge.

    Maximum uptime, guaranteed

Quality cPanel Hosting

We don't believe in making service level agreements hard to read, or understand. We've simplified the process and believe that uptime and reliability are crucial to not only our, but your success.

Our commitment to uptime, not only carries over into our promise to you, but we've written it down on paper. With our guarantee you can request a free month of service if we ever go below our promise of 99.9% uptime for a month. We will credit your account with the cost of that month's hosting service which will automatically be applied to your next bill.

    Enterprise-quality hardware as the norm

Quality cPanel Hosting

Ever been with a host that had constant hardware issues? Not us! Our experience has taught us that reliability not only relies on the support and network aspect, but the hardware part as well. We only buy enterprise class hardware, fit for the utmost important websites.

We know what it takes to be a successful hosting company, and cutting corners simply isn't a part of that equation. We provision our services with the latest, never-used hardware to create the most powerful servers, running the latest technology. This combination of new hardware ensures the best in class reliability, and speed.

    Amazing Value

Quality cPanel Hosting

The economy isn't doing too great. That means every small business needs to minimize their expenses, and maximize their cost efficiency. We provide an extensive array of features, combined with low prices, for customers who like to see their money go far.

Your money goes farther with us because we don't compromise on quality. Everything from our support, hardware, and network - simply can't be beat. We've grown ExpertzHosting by offering the best of both worlds. Our presence in the hosting industry has given us access to discounted server, and network pricing - both of which we pass on to you in the form of savings.

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What Sets Our Services Apart
DDoS Protection

All ExpertzHosting services are protected from DDoS attacks so you won't need to worry about your website.

Enterprise Hardware

Powerful in-house built servers ensure all virtual servers run with business grade performance.

OS Templates

Multiple varients of Linux OS templates are available so that you can get up and running quickly with a KVM VPS built specifically to your needs.

Instant Scaling

Manipulate your system resources on demand. CPU, RAM, and Network resources can be adjusted on the fly with no interruption to your service.